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About Us

ChrisElli is an aspiring fashion retailer with the desire to be your one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Accessibility. Our objective is to unite all avenues of fashion under the ChrisElli brand. From watches to sunglasses, from bags to belts, we want to be your first thought when you think style, fashion, trends and lifestyle items. Our vision is for every man, woman and child to look good and more importantly feel great.

Evolution of ChrisElli

Back in 2002, Watches2U launched, unsurprisingly, selling a vast array of watches. With a steady growth and a desire to nurture relationships with brands, Watches2U is today one of the largest authorised watch shops online.

The journey to the objective began with an expansion in to the jewellery market and more recently in to sunglasses, with the undertaking of Sunglasses2U.com. With two boutiques boasting the ChrisElli banner and over a decade of understanding the online market, the ChrisElli journey begins.

Using all this experience harnessed working with world renowned designer brands, ChrisElli will strive to be your first choice, one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Our name was inspired by the CEO's daughters, the two lovely ladies in the picture above. Let's meet them;


Likes "Ice cream, Pasta, ribs, swimming, Irish dancing, gymnastics, Brownies, Build-A-Bear, One Direction and the Amazing world of Gumball."

Whats your favourite One Direction song? "What makes you beautiful. I love Harry."

Dislikes Spicy food, tomatoes, mushrooms, mint chewing gum and pets in her bedroom.

Lifetime Achievement Has just learnt to put herself to bed on her own, she will be 11 in December.


Likes "Mint chewing gum, ribs, swimming, Irish dancing, gymnastics, Brownies (the activity group not the cake) and erm wrestling."

Dislikes "Babybel Cheese, radishes and the Amazing world of Gumball."

Why do you not like the Amazing world of Gumball? "Because Ellie does and it's a cartoon."

Lifetime Achievement Making her first shepherd pie from scratch with mum, she will be 8 in May.